Erikson Jay Wargo Esquire III (egonix) wrote in carnivale_town,
Erikson Jay Wargo Esquire III

Another Job For Clancy

Besides voicing Mr. Freeze and doing car commericals, looks like Brother Justin landed another animation gig on the new Spawn Animated series.

He plays the fallen angel Mammon. I'm a rabid fan of the comic so this is awesome.

For anybody who remembers the old HBO Animated series, this is suppsoed to be a slightly changed continuation of it. But it's not verified whether or not it'll be back on HBO.

Other voice actors include Mark Hamil (Luke Friggin' Skywalker), Carl Weathers (Rocky, The Predator) Keith David (Pitch Black, Something About Marry, US Army Commericals), Phil Lamar (Pulp Fiction, Mad TV), & Jon Polito (The Man Who Wasn't There, The Rocketeer)
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